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The Podia Community 👋

Take our Memberships feature for a spin.


Thinking about starting a Membership site, and wondering what the experience would look like for your members? 

We've got you covered. 

Check out our free community where you can see a live Podia Membership through the eyes of a member 😍

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Thanks so much for signing up for our community, we have big plans for 2020!

The biggest thing we have going right now is our…
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Can you migrate my existing membership site to Podia?

Sure thing! Migrations are free when you choose annual billing on any plan. We'll move all of your content and existing members over for you. Just email us after you signup and we'll get you migrated.

How can I add Memberships to my own account?

It's easy! Just login to your Podia account and head over to the Memberships section to get started.

Memberships are available to all customers on the Shaker plan.

What is the Podia Community?

The Podia Community is a live example of our Memberships feature. It lets you see a Membership through the eyes of a member, and gives you the chance to kick tires, push buttons and test the platform to see if it's right for you.

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