Email Marketing Masterclass by Team Podia

Email Marketing Masterclass

Join me for daily lessons on writing better emails to welcome new subscribers, make more sales, and more!

What to expect 👩‍💻

Writing emails is one of the core skills of the creative professional. In the masterclass you’ll learn the skills needed to write consistent, high-performing, relatable emails to build your audience and get fans excited about your products. 

Even in the age of social media, email remains the best converting channel for direct engagement and sales - up to 184% more conversions than social media. There’s no better way to convert customers than through an email list, but it takes some finesse to keep subscribers locked in. Which is just one of the steps we’ll walk through in the next 10 days. 

Here’s what you can expect to learn and do in the email writing masterclass:
  • Know what makes a quality email resonate with readers
  • Writing subject lines that stand out in the inbox
  • How to conduct customer research that informs your email strategy
  • Prompts for writing the first 3 months of emails
  • Schedule your content calendar to stay consistent and engaged with readers
  • Templates and scripts for common email types, e.g. product launch and welcome campaigns
We'll also have multiple livestreams for Q&A, teaching, and community so we're able to connect with each other!

Meet your teacher 👋

My name is Matt and I've been working with creatives since 2013. I'll help you get over a fear of the blank page, build a writing habit, and create emails that drive your business forward in 2020 and beyond.