Level Up Your Sales by Team Podia

Level Up Your Sales

A guide for selling more online courses & digital products. 


You launched your product...so where are all the sales?

You spent hours on your last online course or digital product. You uploaded the files, got everything set up, blasted your networks, and then...crickets. Maybe you got a few sales, maybe you didn't, but either way, you're left scratching your head (instead of raking in the dough) and you're not sure why. 

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Contrary to what you may assume, the biggest hurdle creators face is NOT building their online course or digital product...it's getting people to BUY it! 

So how do you get from launching a product to making sales? How do you get from small-time growth to long-term momentum? 

We cover these topics and more in our FREE eBook, Level up your sales: a guide for selling more online courses & digital products. Interested? Here's what you'll learn: 

Everything you’ll learn to level up your sales

  • How to gather (and apply) customer insights to your product and sales approach
  • How to “beautify” your product in ways that drive more sales
  • How to make your product appear more valuable to help pique customer interest
  • How to set yourself up for sales success, from Day 1 to Day 100 

If you haven’t made many sales on your latest product (or you’d just like to level up the sales you’re already making), this eBook is for you!

And the best part? If you have questions or need guidance, we're here for you! We’re happy to do whatever we can to help you improve your product sales and get you the results you're seeking.

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Who is this eBook for?

If you feel like selling your online course or digital product is a constant struggle (or if you’re a creator who’s not struggling, but just want to level up your sales), this eBook is for you. 

Who is this eBook NOT for?

This eBook may not be right for people who’ve never created or sold an online course or digital product; we’re assuming you have some sales data (even if it’s incredibly small) as well as an understanding of how to create, launch, and sell online courses or digital products. This eBook is more for people looking to optimize their current efforts vs starting at the beginning. 

What will I get out of this eBook?

After reading this eBook, you should have a clearer understanding of your customers (and what’s motivating them to buy or not buy your online course or digital products) as well as real tactics for how to improve your immediate and long-term sales growth.