Podia Q&A -- October 14, 2020
October 16, 2020
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kimberly huneycutt

HI Podia. It would be fabulous if you categorized these so we can find what we need to use your platform. Just having dates and no content doesn't help, at all. I'm trying to learn the platform and there's no step 1, 2, 3 etc. Also to do other things I might be interested in doing with this platform. Just throwing this out there because this isn't helping, at all.

Hey Podia - I'm checking out the Community to see how it would work with my course as I want to be able to offer a membership level for additional monthly content. Looking here, it's really not easy to find content - it's one big feed vs being able to put content into sections or units. Right now this doesn't really make it worth me moving it over from a Facebook Learning Group where I can organise that kind of content. Are you going to add more features to the Membership level/Shaker so that we can segment/search/add topics for content? Right now it's almost worth putting people into two different products (clones of each other) with one having the additional membership content as at least it would allow me to segment. Really hoping that this is not the case as I am wondering if Shaker is worth it for me right now unless there is some more dev coming. Thanks.


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