Podia Feature Release Webinar: Custom Pages!
August 29, 2019
In this webinar I'll show you the basics of how custom pages work and then we'll spend the rest of the time building pages and templates. 

Here are a few custom pages we cover:

  • Contact page 
  • About Me page
  • Company Mission page
  • Thank You page
  • Webinar replay page

The main thing to remember is the editor still works the same for custom pages, it's a blank slate for your creativity! Just add in the sections you want and customize everything. 

Make sure you edit the page details including the url. Then you can use that link to share anywhere else online! If you create an "About" page for example, add that link to your Podia storefront header so it shows up on every page.

One last note: people will only see these pages if you link to them. They're not in a site map or categories on the storefront. So link from section buttons, the header menu, or from outside social media and websites. It's up to you! 
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