How to Launch Your First Product by Team Podia

How to Launch Your First Product

🚀 You'll learn how to build, test, and launch a digital product to kickstart your creative business.

Create & Sell a Product in 21 Days (or less) ⚡

By the end of the Podia Product Launch Challenge, here's what you'll have:
💰 A ready-to-sell digital product
📧Complete email launch sequence
🖥️Sales page to pitch your product

No More Product Procrastination 🤪

One of the most consistent things we hear from new creators is the time and effort it takes to build the first product. 

We take you through every step of the process, after 21 days you'll have a product to sell to people who are excited about your work.

New "Live" Challenge begins February 2020!

You're able to sign up and go through the challenge lessons at any time. A few times a year we run "live" challenges with our creators, complete with live Q&A sessions and launch coaching to help you get across the finish line. 

Your Guide 🧙‍♂️

My name is Matt, Podia's Director of Creator Success! I'm here to guide you through each step of the journey. You'll have direct access to me and our team to answer your questions.

I also host weekly live coaching calls to show you exactly how to set everything up in Podia! 

Other things to know...

Who is eligible?

Everyone! Whether you're a Podia customer or not, you can sign up for the challenge and get all the content totally free. We want you to succeed whether you use Podia or not. 

Can I try Podia while participating in the challenge?

You can! All new Podia accounts have a 14 day trial, start yours here whenever you're ready!

If I had a Podia trial in the past, can I start another?

No, but kind of yes - if you sign back up on the same account then you'll be charged right away. If you sign up on a new email address and create a new account though... 

Can I use my existing Podia account?

You will need to create a Podia "student" account to access the lessons. Your Podia "creator" account email and password won't work here - but you'll still need it for building your product!

What are the lessons like?

Each day you'll be notified that a new lesson is available. The lessons are a mix of text + video, and can be read or viewed in under 10 minutes. We recommend scheduling 30 minutes each day to go through the lesson and work on your product.