Sales Page Challenge by Team Podia

Sales Page Challenge

Learn a simple 6 step framework to sell your product, service, membership, or just get more email subscribers!

Why you're stuck writing sales pages...

Easy - they're stressful. You have a lot riding on the outcome, like the viability of your business. Sales are the lifeblood of a thriving business, but often it feels slimy or pushy to ask people for money. So you type out a few words, pull out your hair, and go do something else a little more comfortable - but ultimately less profitable. 

It's costing you money

You may not feel the effect of this pattern for a while, but eventually it slams in to you full force. You're not making sales or getting new signups, which creates more stress, leading you to throw together a sales page that oozes desperation, not transformation.

A simple system for boosting sales

I did this for years. I hated asking for money (for a lot of reasons), but I needed more of it to keep my business running. I made mistakes like talking about myself too much, making vague and half-hearted offers, not to mention the general lack of coherent structure that could help potential customers recognize I had something that could help them.

Then a mentor of mine recommend I follow a simple six step framework for writing clear, concise, and compelling sales copy. I tried it on a low performing product that had previously converted at 1%. After applying this framework to my sales page (no changes were made to the actual course), my sales conversion went from 1-2% up to 14%! 

A 10x Increase in 10 Days

I spent about 10 hours total on the sales page reboot (say an hour a day) and took my sales from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000 in a week. 
What's even better is the number of people who signed up and immediately wrote to me with comments like "this is exactly what I was looking for!"

10 Days of In-Depth Guidance & Lessons

Starting May 4th, join me for the Podia Sales Page Challenge - in ten days I'll break down every aspect of the sales page framework. You don't even need to have a completed product to participate, it works just as well for a service, membership, or email signups. You can even use it (as I did) to validate a product idea before creating it! 

A high-converting sales page doesn't need to be complicated - in fact it's quite the opposite! People are drawn to clarity over complicated or clever. If you can clearly define the problem and offer a solution, backed by transformational stories - then your conversion rate will skyrocket, customers will be thrilled, and you'll make more money. 

Join now!

In just 10 days you can have a clear idea and framework for how to boost your revenue, delight your customers, and have a rock-solid sales page that will convert for months and years to come. Ready?

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